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churches and councils

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a denomination founded in 1927, with churches in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland has congregations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and dates back to the eighteenth century.
Free Church of Scotland
The Free Church of Scotland is a denomination founded in 1843, with churches in Scotland, England and other countries.
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)
The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) maintains the distinctives of the 1843 disruption church, and was formed in 2000, with churches in Scotland and other countries.
Associated Presbyterian Churches
The Associated Presbyterian Churches denomination was formed in 1989 and stands in the Reformed Scottish tradition. It has congregations in Scotland, Canada and New Zealand.
The Reformed Churches in The Netherlands (Liberated)
This Dutch denomination was formed in 1944. It has links with the congregations of EPCEW.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is an American denomination founded in 1936 against a background of increasing liberalism within the existing Presbyterian church.
Presbyterian Church in America
The Presbyterian Church in America is an American denomination formed in 1973, committed to church-planting and evangelism.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
The ARPC was formed from the merger in the USA of the Associate and Reformed Presbyterians in 1783. It has ten Presbyteries in the USA and Canada.
International Presbyterian Church
The IPC was founded in 1954 through the ministry of Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland. They have a British Presbytery (with 13 churches) and a Korean Presbytery in the UK. They also have a European proto-Presbytery and a South Korean Presbytery.
Presbyterian Church of Brazil
A Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil tem um grupo em Londres, que se encontra regularmente (sabados) para estudo bíblico, oração e comunhão com os irmãos. Segue o link para saber mais sobre esse Grupo e para contato com os irmãos. Todos são bem-vindos!
The Presbyterian Church of Brazil has a group in London, which meets regularly for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Follow the link to learn more about them and make contact with them. All welcome.

other organisations

International Conference of Reformed Churches
The ICRC is a conference of Reformed Churches around the world held once every four years. EPCEW is a member of the ICRC.
Affinity (formerly British Evangelical Council) is a ‘Church-centred Partnership for Bible-centred Christianity’, representing 14 denominations and church groupings, along with other independent congregations, throughout the UK. Currently connecting some 1200 congregations, it is the largest network of exclusively Bible-centred churches in the country. EPCEW is a member of Affinity.

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Banner of Truth
The Banner of Truth Trust is a Reformed UK-based book publisher.
Evangelical Times
Evangelical Times is a UK-based monthly evangelical periodical.
Evangelicals Now
Evangelicals Now is a UK-based monthly evangelical periodical.
Evangelical Press
Evangelical Press is a UK-based book publisher.
Christian Focus
Christian Focus Publications is an evangelical publisher based in Scotland.


Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop
The Tabernacle Bookshop sells many titles including theology and Bible commentary, biography, the Christian life and books for children.
Evangelical Bookshop
The Evangelical Bookshop is the bookshop of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland. They carry many different evangelical and Reformed titles.


GraceNet UK
A resource for Reformed organisations and churches in the UK.
The Bible Gateway
The Bible Gateway provides a means of looking up Scripture references in a number of different versions.